The course is made of Lectures given by external speakers. Refer to the syllabus for more information about the practicalities.

02/04/2021. Are behavioral biases stable? A Fast & Slow approach to context effects and food labels (Paolo Crosetto)
19/03/2021. Experiments on Freedom and Preference over menus (Benoit Tarroux)
05/03/2021. Psychological Game Theory (Giuseppe Attanasi)
05/02/2021. Strategic sophistication under the effect of substitutes vs. complements - guessing games and applications (Angela Sutan)
04/12/2021. The behavioral economics of food behaviours (Fabrice Etilé)
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06/11/2020. Language and economics : in what way decisions are influenced (or not) by psycholinguistic structures ? (Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde)
23/10/2020. In situ political experimentation (Jean-François Laslier)


Past events.

The external validity of Risk Elicitation (Paolo Crosetto)


Variations on the preference over choice sets (Fabrice Le Lec)
Neuroeconomics of money emergence (Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde)
Strategic sophistication under the effect of substitutes vs. complements - guessing games and applications (Angela Sutan)
Bounded rationality (Phillipe Jéhiel)
Measuring individual preferences in health: the potential for behavioural/experimental economics (Lise Rochaix)
Response times in lab experiments (Michal Krawczyk)
Measures Confused consumers anf firm market strategies (Paolo Crosetto)
Behavioral economics of traffic congestion (Laurent Denant-Boemont)
Behavioral labour economics (Marie-Claire Villeval)
Experimental analyses of asset markets (Nobuyuki Hanaki)
Behavioral law and economics (Geneviève Helleringer)
Decision, risk and health: some insights from lab experiments (Olivier l'Haridon)
Behavioral economics: prospects for an application to health (Lise Rochaix)
Background risk and social preferences (Marc Willinger)
A survey of strategic voting -- Election results, polls and experiments (André Blais)
The value, validity and reliability of cognitive and non cognitive skills measures in rural household surveys (Karen Marcours)
  • Marcours & Vakis (2014). Changing Households’ Investment Behavior through Social Interactions with Local Leaders: Evidence from a randomized transfer program, EJ.
Other-regarding preferences (Birendra Rai).