The course is made of Lectures given by external speakers. The course is organized around topics (eg, health economics, public policy, personnel economics, developments economics, IO, etc). Refer to the syllabus for more information about the practicalities.

29/03/2019. The behavioral economics of food behaviours (Fabrice Etilé)
  • Chetty, R., Looney, A., & Kroft, K. (2009). Salience and taxation: Theory and evidence. American Economic Review, 99(4), 1145-1177.
  • Crosetto, P., Muller, L., & Ruffieux, B. (2016). Helping consumers with a front-of-pack label: Numbers or colors?: Experimental comparison between Guideline Daily Amount and Traffic Light in a diet-building exercise. Journal of Economic Psychology, 55, 30-50.
  • Muller, L., & Prevost, M. (2016). What cognitive sciences have to say about the impacts of nutritional labelling formats. Journal of Economic Psychology, 55, 17-29.
  • Teyssier, S., Etilé, F., & Combris, P. (2015). Social- and self-image concerns in fair-trade consumption. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 42(4), 579-606
25-27/03/2019. Response times in lab experiments (Michal Krawczyk)
15/03/2019. The external validity of Risk Elicitation (Paolo Crosetto)
01/03/2019. Measuring individual preferences in health; the potential for behavioural/experimental economics (Lise Rochaix)
15/02/2019. How much cognition is required to understand money? (Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde)
01/02/2019. "Emotions and Ethics: Insights from Behavioral Economics" conference -
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18/01/2019. Psychological Game Theory (Giuseppe Attanasi)
30/11/2018. Strategic sophistication under the effect of substitutes vs. complements - guessing games and applications (Angela Sutan)
09/11/2018. Bounded rationality (Phillipe Jéhiel)
26/10/2018. TBC (Sabine Kroeger)
12/10. Experimental choice theory (Jean-François Laslier)


Past events.

Measures Confused consumers anf firm market strategies (Paolo Crosetto)
Behavioral economics of traffic congestion (Laurent Denant-Boemont)
Behavioral labour economics (Marie-Claire Villeval)
Experimental analyses of asset markets (Nobuyuki Hanaki)
Behavioral law and economics (Geneviève Helleringer)
Decision, risk and health: some insights from lab experiments (Olivier l'Haridon)
Behavioral economics: prospects for an application to health (Lise Rochaix)
Background risk and social preferences (Marc Willinger)
A survey of strategic voting -- Election results, polls and experiments (André Blais)
The value, validity and reliability of cognitive and non cognitive skills measures in rural household surveys (Karen Marcours)
  • Marcours & Vakis (2014). Changing Households’ Investment Behavior through Social Interactions with Local Leaders: Evidence from a randomized transfer program, EJ.
Other-regarding preferences (Birendra Rai).