For an overall description of the year's organization, number of hours and ECTS, please refer to the overview page.



Track specific classes


PhD track


  • Academic careers (Fall), by Liza Charroin and Alain Guillaume. Syllabus.
  • Frontiers in behavioral Economics (Spring), by Christos Ioannou and Nicolas Jacquemet. Syllabus. Course Material.


Professional track


  • Consulting and professional careers (Fall), by Phillipe Cabon. Syllabus.
  • Job orientation (Spring), by Phillipe Cabon. Syllabus.

Mandatory courses


  • Economics and psychology research seminar, graded by Christos Ioannou and Nicolas Jacquemet, organized by Fabrice Le Lec. Schedule. Syllabus.
  • Applied microeconometrics (Fall), by Angelo Secchi and Margherita Comola. Syllabus.
  • Cognition and economic behavior (Fall), by Jean Daunizeau and Stefano Palminteri. Syllabus.

  • Economics of decision under risk, uncertainty and time (Fall), by Mohamed Abdellaoui and Olivier l'Haridon. Syllabus. Course material.
  • Economic and social psychology (Fall), by Marie-Pierre Fayant. Syllabus.

  • Emotions, identity and behavior (Fall), by Bo Sanitioso and Sylvia Krauth-Gruber. Syllabus.


Optional courses


Students must choose 3 classes within the list.

  • Behavioral Industrial Organization (Spring), by Leonardo Pejsachowicz. Syllabus.
  • Economics of happiness and subjective states (Spring), by Andrew Clark and Anthony Lepinteur. Syllabus.
  • Creativity and Innovation (Spring), by Todd Lubart. Syllabus.

  • Neuroeconomics (Fall), by Stefano Palminteri. Syllabus.

  • Personnel Psychology (Spring), by Laurent Sovet. Syllabus.

  • Spring class of the PhD/Professional track.